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          1. 中文

            National service hotline:   13956259526      13905620906

            Business philosophy

            Quality is the lifeline

            Hot keywords:

            Mold Cavity and Cavity Bar  Pot  Plunger IC packing Mold

            Product disaply


            Passed the quality management system certification reassessment on Feb 24, 2022;

            Obtained the national high-tech enterprise reassessment certificate on August 17, 2020;

            In September 2020, it won the honorary title of municipal-level "specialized, refined, special and new" enterprise (recognized in 2020);

            The company has a number of self-developed utility model patents.


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            Tongling Yuanyi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

            Tel:+86 13956259526        Tel:+86 13905620906       

            Address: 129 west Cuihu road 5, Tongling Economic Development Zone, Anhui Province

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